Custom Tea Light Boxes Production Run

Custom Tea Light Boxes Production Run

As I build back inventory for custom tea light boxes for customers, let’s take a look at how these are made and why you’d want one made just for your home or business exactly the way you want.

I guess from this blog posts, you can see which designs are popular with our customers, generally our custom tea light boxes are made on-demand and on-order because they want something bigger or their own design or these made with other materials.

I’m very happy to have these custom tea light boxes as part of, it makes more sense to consolidate everything on one site when it comes to this type of product because it means you can order some custom wooden coins with some custom piggy banks and then a bunch of other stuff from one place to be shipped all together.

The diversity of design possibilities with our custom boxes at are truly endless.

The design behind these custom tea light boxes is pretty straight forward, again, any and every aspect of these can be customized however you wish, they are just four interlocking “sides” and a standard base.

Custom tea light boxes provide a versatile platform for expressing creativity and reflecting brand identity as they can be customized in various shapes, sizes, and designs to align with the brand’s aesthetics and packaging requirements.

From vibrant colors and intricate patterns to minimalist elegance, the options are endless as the ability to tailor the boxes by to specific themes or occasions, such as weddings, holidays, or special events, adds a personal touch and enhances the overall appeal of the product.

Of course, glow in the dark paint looks awesome too!

Custom tea light boxes offer a valuable opportunity for brand promotion and marketing by incorporating a company logo, tagline, or unique design elements onto the packaging, brands can increase brand visibility and recognition.

Of course, many people buy our custom tea light boxes for other purposes such as a night light for a child, a pencil holder for a desk and so forth, so the design can be customized however your needs dictate, material through form.

Custom tea light boxes by not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide essential protection and safety for the candles, though I highly recommend that you use LED candles instead for safety reasons.

Here’s how we made the aluminium box you saw in the video at the top of this blog post.

The material used for our standard custom tea light boxes is basically wood, as such, it is biodegradable and you can throw it in a fire pit once it’s no longer of use or purpose to you… or better, just spray paint it to give it a fresh new look!

So whether you are a company looking for something unique at your booth to collect business cards, a grandmother with a child who’s scared of the darkness or just wanting a conversation piece to have in your living room, custom boxes by are an affordable way to start.

I’ve cut thousands of custom tea light boxes through the years, the utility that customers find for these custom boxes has no end, as such, feel free to contact if you have a specific design requirement and we’ll make it for you and ship it right to your door!

Here’s an example of custom boxes made to other sizes.

For this production run of custom tea light boxes, I was using off-cuts from another job, I run through a lot of 1/8″ MDF at, the parent company of, so this is a perfect use case scenario to get through material that otherwise would be looking for a home elsewhere.

Laser cutting does two things for these custom boxes, it cuts them out obviously, but more importantly, adds a smoky look to all the edges that are laser cut, hence giving free detail and a unique aesthetic to each and every one of these custom boxes.

Laser cutting MDF is a relatively straight forward process, there are no knots or wood density variations to contend with, as has to deal with our custom hardwood generational banks, so we are able to pump these out at a rapid pace regardless of design profile or quantities.

Do keep in mind that these are basically wooden stencils, as such, inner parts must be supported, so keep in mind bridging material must be added to the design in order to keep floating inner parts secure.

These make great gifts for valentines and any other theme or event you may need these custom boxes for.

Keep in mind that we can make these out of other materials such as metal, plastic or anything else, as such, we have the machines to make them optimally however you need these to be.

Ultimate design through production capabilities are what we offer to our customers, and with MDF, we can also meet strict deadlines as well because it’s a material that’s available anytime in just about any quantities you may require us to purchase to make your custom tea light boxes.

You can see how well these custom tea light boxes came out, they ship flat and of course, feel free to combine them with other products we have at

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