custom V2 square banks

Custom V2 Square Banks

This is the second of three posts I’ll put up on regarding the custom V2 square banks design update I’ve done and surprisingly, there are still more tweaks to come to further improve on them even after this latest round!

Going from V1 to V2 was a MASSIVE improvement across the board, and now I’m so happy that I can share it with my customers, they are bigger, they are stronger and they look better than ever.

Regardless of the improvements that happen across three stages, design themselves, wood processing and production cycles, you can rest assured that you aren’t just buying a good kid’s or even adult’s bank made to your specs but an awesome one that, if you so choose, you can finish yourself or have us do this part for you.

Laminating poplar is something I finally got my head around, it seems to simple, but it took so long to get it right to get as little warping and slippage as possible, these custom V2 square banks now have perfect seams and it makes such a world of difference for customers.

Literally any shape can be transformed into a custom wooden bank, whether you want a custom letter bank or a shape bank or an animal bank or a dinosaur bank or whatever, no problem for!

Now that I have many of the production issues sorted out, I can now think about shaving off seconds per bank production wise, think of more efficient methods of actually making them and optimizing the design, laser through router, until any possible small issues are fixed way before they become a big problems.

Poplar is a hardwood, it’s a lot harder than Pine or Basswood for instance, but about half the hardness of Oak or Maple but also at half the cost not just in raw material terms but also in abuse on the bits that cut this out, sanding belts etc.

I hope all these videos help you understand how much of an evolution and hard work for physically and virtually, it has been to bring these custom wood banks to market in the fashion that I did.

The steps involved with carving out these custom V2 square banks have changed over the past year but that’s just experience playing its part, finding the optimal production “setting” to make the absolute best custom square bank in the least amount of time for customers.

I really enjoy using my Thermwood CNC router, it’s a beast of a machine and wow can it do amazing work for my customers, it’s equivalent to using a Ferrari to go get groceries most of the time but having such a powerful machine really makes working with it enjoyable as it works so seamlessly.

Using my CNC router to flatten and make the sticks that end-up being the finished slab I use to make these custom generational square banks allows for perfect seams, as such, production is very smooth making these, there are no pieces of wooden shrapnel flying across the shop from stress or warping issues once these banks are done.

Keep in mind that makes custom wooden banks on-demand, as such, we can absolutely combine them however you wish to make custom couple’s banks too!

Aesthetically speaking, these banks are looking fantastic start to finish, everything that needs to be sharp is and the same goes for curved areas, it has taken over a year now to get to this point for banks specifically., like my main business, is build on a continuous improvement cycle, each time I do a project, regardless of what it is, I try to think if I were to redo it again, how would I do it faster, better and with less headaches.

This is why I “bothered” to make the massive improvement with V2 square banks, although my original designs were good for what they were, there were always things that could be made better and eventually, these start to stack-up onto one another and additionally, over time, the return on these stacks gets less and less, thus, it’s best to start fresh using all those accumulated lessons and go for another version.

Although I tend to only show one acrylic front style for this production run of banks, there are many options available, and yes, we can engrave both the acrylic and the wood however you wish for customers.

This is the aspect I love most about that really isn’t present to this extreme with because I can endlessly improve on things on a regular basis, for instance, in this run, I managed to double the speed of making the holes for the screws in the poplar, a small change, that pays huge time savings, and produces the same result as going slower.

Carving out these V2 square banks, you’ll also notice that I clean-up the slab between the roughing and the finishing stages of cutting out these custom V2 square banks, I found this improves on the overall finish as there isn’t crap moving around with the down cut bit to scratch the sides of the banks up.

I think the results speak for themselves, this is why I say, over and over again, that each time I make another run of custom kids banks for, it’s the best run yet!

These V2 square banks look amazing! Making them bigger really was a fantastic idea, yes, they are only, by default, 1″ proportionally taller than the rounded banks library also available at but it makes a HUGE difference.

When it comes to making custom banks, for kids or adults, or even companies and special events, has the experience to make them in any quantity you want at pretty much any spec you could desire.

After cutting out these custom square banks and getting the wood aspect of them brought up to snuff, it’s time to cut out the acrylic fronts, through of course, if you want, we could also make this using bullet proof glass – it’s an option for customers!

Once the acrylic fronts and the wooden banks are all finished, it’s time to unify them, if there was some finishing required, this is also the step where I’d do that BEFORE bringing them together, you don’t want stain or seal to go onto the plastic.

As mentioned in the video, my acrylic supplier ran out of the acrylic I use by default for these banks, so their replacement is a bit more green but I also have completely transparent acrylic in the shop as well, so you can choose a slightly darker green vs transparent, there isn’t any in between for now.

Want a custom generational bank? Buy online at right now!