Personalised Monograms

Personalised Monograms is now offering personalised monograms using a variety of materials, we’ve been making these for years actually over at but have made it easier to order using our online quoting system.

Doing these custom wall personalised monograms isn’t much of a stretch from our other offerings, actually makes these using the same machine that makes our custom generational piggy banks.

Depending on the personalised monograms you have us make for you, including material type, they may be laser, plasma or router cut by… we’ll tell you ahead of time once we confirm your given application, such as outdoors or in etc.

For this specific personalised monograms, the customer requested we use quarter inch MDF, at the size of this wall “sign”, quarter inch made more sense than thinner stock as it can be fragile using this material with so many cut-outs.

When it comes to routing out letters, any mix of fonts and sizing work well but when the personalised monograms get a little small or fine in detail, then can just switch over to using our CNC laser.

Of course, with personalized monograms, they can be multi-layed however you wish using any design profile you want.

The advantage to your sizing options, it’s pretty much infinite, we could cut these letters out to be as bit or even bigger than our 5ft x 10 ft table and in the other direction, we can laser these down to fit in the palm of your hand.

You’ll notice the inside of the cheers is being cut first, this is done to make sure that the precision of cutting this entire personalised monograms is precise, with nothing moving until the very end of cutting it out.

In a world where individuality and uniqueness are highly valued, personalized monograms stand as a timeless symbol of identity and sophistication.

A monogram is a combination of initials or letters, often artistically intertwined, that represents a person, a couple, or an entity.

If metal is more to your liking, can make those for you as well.

Personalized monograms have been used for centuries to add a touch of elegance, uniqueness, and exclusivity to various items and contexts, now bring this into the 21st century with incredible repeatability, precision and unlimited sizing / material options.

When it comes to personalized monograms by, they work great as a wall decor, which you or we can paint and finish, or inlays or even for stenciling purposes.

Personalized monograms are more than just letters on an item; they’re a statement of your identity, a mark of distinction that sets you apart.

Whether you’re adorning your belongings or giving a gift, the personal touch adds an element of sentiment that resonates deeply.

When searching for the perfect gift, the goal is to find something that captures the recipient’s essence and creates a lasting memory. Personalized monograms offer precisely that.

A monogrammed gift demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to select something truly special, tailor-made for them.

Be it a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other occasion, personalised monograms present shows thoughtfulness and consideration beyond measure, regardless of the material or size you have make for you.

If you wanted to spell out the name of a person using banks or even just use the same wood we use to make such products, that’s a possibility as well.

Although this was a somewhat large personalised monogram, don’t worry too much about shipping costs, we could have spliced this up however you wished to reduce them, MDF is quite easy to patch-up to look entirely seamless on-site.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness at pretty much any size, MDF is tough to beat, acrylic through steel will cost a lot more but the nice thing about MDF is that it can be easily painted to look like metal or even the nice shine of acrylic.

Regarding weight and strength, again, MDF is tough to beat for indoor applications, for outdoor, pretty much the only material I’d suggest is steel, whether it’s mild or stainless, for your personalised monograms as anything else will degrade rather quickly under the sun and general weather conditions.

You can have a mix of imagery and text however you want, so you are not limited by any means.

Now that this MDF personalised monogram is finished, you can see how fantastic this looks, the customer in this case will be finishing it to look absolutely spectacular and just the way they want it to be for their wall.

Whether you require one or a thousand personalised monograms, can make them to order and ship them right to your door in rather quick fashion.

Of course, not everything went according to plan for this personalised monogram, I accidentally cut this out a bit too deep, as a result, this Cheers will be a permanent part of my CNC router spoilboard for some time to come.

Rather than replace the spoilboard, it’s a good opportunity to see if I can seal the hole this created with glue so I don’t have all my vacuum going only into Cheers.

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