362J Turtle Household


Custom made on-demand by SandboxRanch.com in North America with CNC machines and shipped right to your door.

You can select four (4) identical or different sides to form your very own complete custom cube box. A base will be added to your order automatically once four sides are added.


Price is for one side (as shown) using 1/8″ or 3 mm thick MDF wood and each “side” is roughly 3.75″ or 95 mm square making a custom cubed box of the same dimensions.

Contact SandboxRanch.com for custom materials, shapes, cutouts and sizes options including corporate and volume sales before making your order.

Read more about the history of our custom boxes at TeaLightBox.com is moving to SandboxRanch.com. You can also read our general blog posts about these boxes over at Custom Boxes Posts